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My office is at

Audrey Grace Wellness.  23 Westminster Terrace.  Finnestoun.  Glasgow.  G3 7RU

Telephone : 07771 874 887

Helping you to live your best health NOW.


Cancer, digestive disorders, blood sugar imbalance, diabetes, skin conditions, heart disease, high blood pressure, immune disorder, hormone imbalance, over weight and more....

I focus on bettering my clients health and mind by embracing a non-diet approach to meal planning, using initiative and conscious eating principles.  I put a plan of action into place that is do-able and jam packed with health benefits.  Implementing gentle exercise and lifestyle adjustments.  It's all about BALANCE.

My expertise lies in building the immunity with supplementation and food that is alive and nutritious.  Curbing sugar cravings and alkalizing the body is of vital importance.

CHANGING the environment that cancer and all other disease survives in is KEY!


When it comes to food, I believe in going back to basics.  Real food with yummy fresh ingredients that nourish your body AND mind.  FIRST TIME CONSULTATION : I will assess your current health and diet, activity, spirituality/self love and eating patterns. Together we will identifying obstacles in your life, the best and fastest way to overcome them.  To get your energy and vitality at it's optimum level.  Helping your body to fight illness with the minerals and nutritious food it NEEDS.


Turning around migraines, irritable bowel, arthritis, insomnia and more with what we put in our mouth is VERY powerful!

It will take time BUT perseverance is to gain.

 YOUR INITIAL SESSION (up to 90 minutes) IS £45 FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION (up to 60 minutes) IS £25 you must complete a health questionnaire and 3 day food diary prior to appointment A confidentiality agreement is also completed on arrival.

Corporate Health Events Promote Clarity Of Mind.  Less Absence.  More Productivity.   Less Stressed EmployeesIMG_1084  Individual Personalised Consultations Give You Confidence To Change Your Diet, Energy Levels, Longevity and Zest For Life!  Be The Best YOU IMG_0815